Zettel Notes - Android Markdown App

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Zettel notes provides seamless private zettelkasten and markdown note taking experience with webdav and dropbox synchronization. It is provided free of cost, without ads and with no hidden permissions. No user data is collected.

Notes are stored as separate markdown files (no vendor lock-in like other apps). App starts with tutorial files explaining zettelkasten method. After installing, add folder / repository containing your existing notes from the Repositories option in menu.


  • Material design themes : Light, Dark, Black
  • Completely offline / No account Required
  • Full control of files (no vendor lock-in like other apps)
  • WebDAV and Dropbox synchronization
  • PGP key / Password encryption
  • Multiple note folders / repositories
  • Full text search (customizable)
  • Bookmark / Pin notes
  • Template support
  • Sort notes by alphabetical, edited time, creation time, words, frequency of opening
  • Share text from any app to create new note or append to existing note
  • Share Web page URL to create new markdown note
  • Share Notes
  • MD / TXT / ORG file support


  • Custom Themes
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Pictures
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Checklists
  • Footnotes
  • Bold, Italic, Strike-through, Spoiler, Superscript, Subscript


  • Show Note Back-links
  • Wiki style links between notes
  • type [[ to show note dialog and select to insert markdown link for the note
  • Tags
  • tags are denoted by #tag or specifying tag in yaml
  • type ## or #? to show tags search dialog
  • Authors
  • authors are denoted by @author or specifying author in yaml
  • type @@ to show author search dialog
  • Extract new note while editing

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If you have any issues, feel free to contact via info@thedoc.eu.org or Telegram Support Group

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Privacy Policy

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