DISCLAIMER : It's just a piece of writing made out of concern for our country as a whole...no bias effort is there to blame any one specific group...because I consider we are one ...just read it with broad mindset. About incidents that happened this February

I am not a writer but still I am writing it down,‌‌ Hello I am a common girl from an indian town,‌‌
Girl grown with lots of love and care,‌‌ Independent confident,
Full of happiness to cherish and share,‌‌
Girl who is very proud of being an indian,‌‌
A country with lights colours bangles and crimson,‌‌
A nation having great royal and majestic history,‌‌
Of magnific kings and of their queens having pious grandiosity,‌‌
The past that excites and thrills,‌‌
The golden era whose thougts even shrills,‌‌
Padmavati is one of our celebrataed queen,‌‌
Spirited dignified with her deity sheen,‌‌
She lived and died with honour respect and pride,‌‌
A true rajputani by heart and with that fire in her she died,‌‌
Yes today she must be glorified in every way we can,‌‌
With the same honour and elegance she carried in her life span,‌‌
Mentioned in our rajputani and rajasthani literature,‌‌
Her royal tail of bravery and sacrifice
Which will be remembered forever,‌‌
Today my countrymates are fighting and making chaos,‌‌
In every way they want to preserve her unmatched grandiose,‌‌
Hanging dead bodies and claiming publicly contracted murder,‌‌
Threatining the people because they want to save their culture,‌‌
All rajputans have suddenly reunited,‌‌
Refilled with the mighty zeals that once subsided,‌‌
Tons were spend to put in on the screen,‌‌
And now plenty is being spent to put it off screen,‌‌
Ministers, religious and political leaders making their statements,‌‌
Followed by scruptulous actors and director's comments,‌‌
But is this what we need this point of time,‌‌
When my country is dieing due to hunger pollution and crime,‌‌
Why can’t we unite for these more important and concerning matters,‌‌
When grandiosity and pride of our today’s women slowly utters,‌‌
To save them from molestation and assault,‌‌
Shouting and asking for their fault,‌‌
In our grand history also rani padmavati did jauhar for her pride,‌‌
Today also our sisters are dying but after losing their self and pride,‌‌
Our mother india is sobbing for the child who died due hunger and poverty,‌‌
For his brave son who sacrificed his life fighting for country,‌‌
But we have still united just for our caste and religion,‌‌
Forgetting that we all are humans and we all are indians,‌‌
Wasting time and money and exagerrating petty things,‌‌
While that poor sick child was hungrily wandering and shivering,‌‌
Our culture and manners resides in our blood and soul,‌‌
I am proud to be indian and sooo proud of you all,‌‌
Rani padmavati was our past but this is our present,‌‌
Don’t you think our rani will be sad seeing our grievance,‌‌
When a simple girl from town can understand,‌‌
Why can’t our respected elders take a mature stand,‌‌
A fire just burnt and I penned it down‌‌
Indeed let’s just unite for every girl living in small town