When i was 9 year old my maa-paa was talking about sending me to hostel. I was afraid why they were doing this to me. They didn’t ask me once for this whether i wanted to go or not. When i heard about this i told them not to send me to hostel but they didn’t listen me. They filled my application and submit it. Well..the entrance procedure was not easy. School had an entrance exam which was given by approximately 8000-10000 students. Only 80 students to be slected for class 6th. Maa-Paa told me to work hard for this test. I was obedient kid so i worked hard. Paa arranged me a tutor for entrance exam. Examination centre was a girl school but it was sunday so only few girls were present there who came for exam. It was not that much easy exam but i managed to pass it. When i was slected maa-paa were very happy. School sent me a letter of selection. Every kid has a dream of letter from Hogwarts, so do i but the admission letter i got was not from hogwarts. After admission i realized that this school is no less than Hogwarts. Before admission they sent me for medical checkup. Everything was normal but on examination my eyesight found weak & that’s how i got spectacles.

16 july 2007 —– the day of admission, i find it amusing rather than afraid of it. I was chosen for Udaygiri house which i find just similar to gryffindor. Each room has 20 students, double decker bed and no privacy at all. Maa-Paa left me there. It was first day at school and i found it amusing. No restrictions were there, we can do anything we want but not to leave school. Evening was also joyful. We had alloted time to play students. More than 500 students were playing different type of games.But our plan was different. We met a senior, who also was brother of one of my closest friend. We three jump off the boundary wall and took a tour to what’s outside the school. There was just fields upto miles. For me, it was my first illegal crime which was fun. Everything was perfect. Then it comes dinnertime. Boys and girls have separate dining hall. Imagine 350 students taking their meal simultaneously. Everything seems hotchpotch. But the relieving factor was that we were(only 6th class students ) allow to eat in girls mess. It was quite good and well maintained. During dinner so many girls came to us and asked us how we are feeling which i find quite comfortable. After dinner our housemasters came and adress us. He introduced us to everyone and make us feel comfortable.it was a very warm welcome. Few moments later i feel sleepy and move to my alloted bed & tried to sleep. First i was about to cry cause i was missing my Maa-Paa. A 4 feet 4 inch 9 year old boy was feeling lonely in between 20 kids of his own age. But i managed not to cry and sleep.

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