It is an unforgettable day for me bcoz 2 year back on the very same day i had a surgery. It was April 11, 2016 eve.. i was practicing for my volleyball final match against our seniors.It was unfortunate that i took a jump and my landing was so imperfect that i couldn't make balance.This results in twitching of my knee.I was about to have a syncopal attack but then i sit down and rest for a min.After a moment i feel normal bcoz i was unaware of the U-turn of my life which was coming . I stand to play the game and as soon as i take one step my knee had a jerk so badly that it bended almost 90 degree. At this moment i realize that this one little jump gonna cost me huge. I was unable to walk. My friends take me to the hospital and the doctor who was examining me told that this is soft tissue injury and it will take a while to cure. They plasterd my leg and prescribe me some analgesic along with calcium and vitamin C tablets.
I used to live in hostel,so i came back to my room. I was afraid of what just happened but one thing that was eating me as a whole was this how i was gonna elaborate this to my father and how he will react. I didn't call him that day. I waited for another day morning and then i call. It did go well and this lead to mine comeback to home. I took rest for 6 days there but in vain. I consulted another doctor who was popular for especially knee..Dr Ashish Devgan. They sent me to Radiology deptt for MRI. It was done next day. On MRI it was diagnosed grade 3 ACL tear [Anterior cruciate ligament].
Dr Devgan asked me about its reconstruction by surgical method. I think for a moment and said yes.
I told this to my father and first they refused for surgery. Dad asked me about natural therapy and some local desi quacks to take treatment but i refused. Then they took me to some other doctors and they were also in favour of surgery. My dad had no choice and then he allowed for it.
28 may 2016...... i was lying on bed in supine position, can't lift my head, can't raise my leg due to 4 inch long incision on uppermedial aspect of leg and most importantly crying in pain😭.
It took me 6 month to rehabilitate the leg. My leg atrophied. It was just half of other normal leg in circumstance. It take 6 months to normalize this. But story isn't end now, one & half year after same leg got injury and again ACL tear occur.
This time i was angry with myself.
Well it was a relief that this time it was not complete tear. This time i go for physiotherapy which leads me to regain my strength. I feel like this is not enough for me. I told this to my best buddy Rohit sharma who is a fitness freak. Then he encouraged me and mobilize me towards strenuous therapy. After a lot of hardwork i regain my strength. Thanks to Rohit-bro. Now i feel stable. Prior to these injuries my hobbies were playing football,Cricket,Running,Dancing and many more but these injuries cost me all of these. Now i can't do these things. Sometimes this makes me sad. I feel miserable. But this is not the end of life. i can't do these things - so what!...i can do other things which may result much better than these. Now i focused on studies... going for the most toughest exam of india..One day i will reach at the top and do best for the society. I haven't introduce myself to u.... I'm Anuj Kumar currently doing my MBBS from PGIMS Rohtak. This is my first blog sharing the tragedy of my life with u. I'll come back soon with some more motivation.